WordPress Skills Guide: URLs on Your Site

As you build your site, you will at times want to share URLs to various things you’ve created with other people. It’s important to know a little about how URLs work in WordPress.

Your Main URL

Your site lives at whatever domain/URL you chose when you set up your PlymouthCreate account. If you want to share the URL of your site with someone, this is the address you should send them.

The URL will look something like yourchoice.plymouthcreate.net.

Your Admin URL

When you’re working on your site (adding content, changing settings, uploading media, etc), you’ll be accessing it via a special admin URL. Only logged in users (you or anyone you add as a contributor/writer/editor/admin to your site) can access this URL.

The URL will look something like yourchoice.plymouthcreate.net/wp-admin. 

URLs for Posts

Whenever you write a post on your site, it get’s assigned its own unique URL. What this looks like is dictated by what are called “permalink settings” (which you can change in the Settings section of the sidebar menu).

Finding the URL of a post can be tricky because, by default, WordPress shows posts collected together in reverse chronological order. When you want to send someone the link to a specific post, you need to make sure you’ve clicked on the title of the post and all you are seeing is the content of that post.

The URL will look something like yourchoice.plymouthcreate.net/category/post-name or yourchoice.plymouthcreate.net/2019/09/05/post-name.

URLS for Pages

URLs for pages are pretty straightforward, since you only ever see one page at a time (pages aren’t collected and listed together like posts).

The URL will look something like yourchoice.plymouthcreate.net/page-name. 

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