Digital and Open Tools and Approaches

Personal Learning Networks: Writing/Create Your Plan

Your plan can take whatever form makes sense to you (narrative, map, diagram, etc.) You are not limited to addressing only these questions, but at a minimum, you must address them somehow:

  1. What did your research tell you about how people share ideas in your fields?
  2. What tools will best allow you to learn about new ideas in your fields?
  3. What tools will best allow you to connect with scholars and professionals in your fields?
  4. What tools will best allow you to share you own knowledge, experiences, and ideas with other people in your fields?
  5. How public do you want to be? Why?
  6. How will you engage at least once a week with your Personal Learning Network?
  7. How will you know if your PLN is serving you well or not?

Check out these examples of plans other IDS students have written in the past:

You should share your plan on your ePort.

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